It affirmed that the exterior did not comply with building


Furthermore, smoke and fire could be spread within a building by residents opening doors. The building was designed under the assumption that a full evacuation would never be necessary. One resident said: “The whole one side of the building was on fire. Kooltherm’s LABC certificate states phenolic products, “do not meet the limited combustibility requirements” of building regulations. It affirmed that the exterior did not comply with building contractor london regulations and was the central reason why the fire spread, and that the fire service were too late in advising residents to evacuate. Having that on the first attendance might have made a difference because it allows you to operate a very powerful water tower from outside the building onto the building. At 04: 14, the police told onlookers to contact anyone still trapped in the building and tell them to attempt to evacuate immediately. People in the immediate area and from across London rallied to assist victims of the fire. Frequent explosions that were reported to be from gas lines in the building were heard. Seventy-four people were confirmed by the NHS to be in six hospitals across London with 20 of them in critical care. There are calls for the government to give financial assistance to councils that have to carry out expensive building renovations. This move from the government stops short of demands from the London mayor, who called for ministers to appoint external commissioners to take over the running of the whole council. It states that any changes from the tested configuration “will need to be considered by the building designer”. Witnesses reported seeing people trapped inside the burning building, switching the lights in their flats on and off or waving from windows to attract help, some holding children. M) tall building contained 120 one- and two-bedroom flats. Due to this danger, the police moved crowds away from the building as a safety precaution. Some people from lower floors may have tried to move up the building, and it is thought a number of people may have ended up in one flat. Cotton admitted that LFB had broken their own safety protocols, by entering a large building without knowing whether it was in danger of structural collapse. By 04: 44, all sides of the building had been affected. Firefighters said inside the building they lacked sufficient ‘extended duration’ breathing apparatus. Building regulations are currently under review in the light of the fire due to concerns with the rules and their enforcement.


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